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The Wayenor Saga

The Wayenor saga takes place in the country of Kallendia and, to a lesser degree, in Shelith, one of Kallendia's hereditary enemies, located on Kallendia's northern borders.

Only the most stalwart and heroic of warriors can hope to survive in these difficult circumstances, without its taking an enormous toll on him—or on her. This is the situation in which Vannessa, an outstanding soldier in Prince Rionann's army, finds herself. Accompanied by her closest friends, with whom she has soldiered for years, she hires an army to take Wayenor Castle from the bandits who have infested it.

Once this has been accomplished, however, Vannessa's new life as a noble of the realm does not grow lighter. The brunt of the responsibility for the soldiers under her command and the craftsmen she has brought with her, as well as the inhabitants of Wayenor Town, now returning to their homes, falls on Vannessa's shoulders. She feels that her life consists of living through one crisis only to be confronted with another, even more dangerous, even more exhausting. Moments of peace when she can enjoy the county she has won and now rules, come seldom but are all the more cherished for their rarity.

Books of The Wayenor Saga

The Wayenor saga is told in three books. The Countess of Wayenor, Wayenor Besieged, and Wayenor's Children are available in Kindle and paperback editions from Amazon.

The Country of Kallendia

The Wayenor saga takes place primarily in the country of Kallendia. The country is flanked on two sides by more or less open enemies—Nagoland to the west and Shelith to the North—and on the southern border by the land of Idramris, pointedly neutral at best. The eastern border is washed by the Great Sea.

Kallendia is home to a wide variety of people—humans, Rock-Born who dwell underground, the Silverleaf kindred who inhabit the great forest of Arbordaal, the reclusive reptilians who prefer the rocky, hard-to-traverse hills of the center of the country. A few other demi-humans can be found here and there, but rarely.

Of these, the humans, particularly the nobles, tend to be touchy and quick to take offense when none is offered. Life in Kallendia is often interesting, sometimes perilous, and seldom boring.

The story starts in Fathron City—the capital of Kallendia. Fathron City is located on Fathron Bay in the eastern part of the country. The residence of the ruling Prince or Princess, the principal shrines of the Kallendian deities, and the guild-houses of the military and the artisans are all in Fathron City.

Castles and Towers of Kallendia

With enemies on two—and sometimes three—sides and with the sea on the fourth side, Kallendia needs a strong defense on all of its borders.

Basic to its defense are the four castles known as the Four Corners of Kallendia—Wayenor at the north-east corner, Harvinor at the north-west corner, Alzarond at the south-west corner, and Gornath at the south-east corner. These castles are supplemented by Drannin Castle on the border with Shelith, by Norpol Castle and Wenden Castle on the border with Nagoland, by Rondin Castle on the border with Idramdris, by Rahor Castle and Orran Castle on the shore of the Great Sea, and by Dolnad Castle in the interior.

Two towers—Fathrongard and Norad Tower—guard the narrow channel leading from the Great Sea to Fathron Bay and Fathron City. Armin Tower in the interior guards travelers from thieves and robbers in the mountains. In addition to the castles and towers, Kallendia also has several fortified towns that add to its defense.

The Town and Castle of Wayenor

Much of the story takes place in the town and castle of Wayenor. Wayenor Castle is one of the castles known as the Four Corners of Kallendia. It is sited on a rocky outthrust at the north-east corner of the country. The castle is noted for its strength as well as for the beauty of its lofty towers. Wayenor Castle guards the country from land incursions and from sea attacks from Shelith.

The town of Wayenor has grown up in the shadow of the castle, and strong walls protect its inhabitants. Its main industries are the manufacture of woven and knitted woolen goods and the production of salt. According to many, the salt from Wayenor has a distinctive tang not found in salt from anywhere else. Recently, the town has also begun to produce exceptionally fine soap.

The Country of Shelith

Much of the action in Wayenor Besieged takes place in the country of Shelith. Shelith is located north of Kallendia, bordered on the east by the Great Sea.

Shelith is divided into several rough sections—each controlled by a Zaar, an overlord. It has no central government and no capital.

Shelith isn't a rich country, although it could be if the various Zaars could bring themselves to cooperate and develop the timber trade. Shelith is thick with trees that have never felt a woodman's axe. However, the proud, touchy Zaars would rather fight than trade—fight with each other if they can't get a war going somewhere else.

The action in Shelith in Wayenor Besieged is centered around the town of Zaagrod. Zaagrod is a relatively obscure settlement—not even a fortified town—in the interior of Shelith. The basis of its economy is the slave trade—a fairly lucrative business.