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Fantasy Novel

(US Hardcover, Tor Books, 1996)
(US Paperback, Tor Books, 1997)
(Kindle e-Book, Sasha Miller, 2017)

Lady Javere, nicknamed Javerri, is the favored child of Qai, Lord of Third Province. Though women are not allowed to rule, Javerri has been trained in all the skills of a Lord: she fights like a seasoned veteran, rides a horse like a man, and understands well the deadly games of political intrigue--all of which have prepared her for her father's dying wish. On his deathbed, Lord Qai names Javerri not only his heir, but also his son. By this unprecedented act, the life of Javerri is changed forever.

But in order to be confirmed as Lord of Third Province, Javerri must prove herself by completing the task assigned to her by the venerable and treacherous First Lord. The task, a fool's errand, is to bring back a dragon's egg from beyond the far mountains that border the known lands. Many dangers await her small band as they brave the perils of the wilderness, as well as the fearsome dragons themselves, but no hazard can compare to the treachery of an entire empire arrayed against her.

Ladylord is an epic adventure set in an exotic, sensuous world ruled by men, where one woman, by sheer force of will, must change the face of tradition and honor--and survive to claim her birthright.

Some Comments on Ladylord

Raymond E. Feist: "Sasha Miller writes fantasy for grown-ups. Ladylord is original, inventive, and not for the prudish. Try it."

Andre Norton: "I have found Sasha Miller's Ladylord to be one of those books which enchant the reader fully and is not easily laid aside. Her evocation of a highly formal and yet utterly cruel and ruthless civilization is superb. Only the Empire series by Feist and Takido Road by Robeson are in the same class of making characters engaged in tortuous intrigue fully believable and at the same time drawing the sympathy of the reader. This is, to my mind, something unique and reaches the top of this type of fantasy."

Ladylord is available in a Kindle e-Book edition from Amazon. The hardcover and paperback editions are currently out of print.