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Wayenor's Children

Fantasy Novel

Book Three of The Wayenor Saga

(US e-Book, FoxAcre Press, April 2014)
(US Paperback, FoxAcre Press, September 2014)

(US e-Book, Sasha Miller, July 2023)

(US Paperback, Sasha Miller, July 2023)

Prince Rionann is dying. Vannessa and her husband must interrupt their stay in Arbordaal Forest with their chidren, the twins who had been born during the Shelithite siege of Wayenor, some seven years previously, and sent to Arbordaal for safety in uncertain times.

On their arrival in the capital, Fathron City, the Wayenors are plunged into the social and political currents and ever-shifting under-currents of Kallendian nobility as Counts and Barons vie with one another to present the most impressive appearance to Princess Oriane, Rionann's heiress. The Wayenor children, Feldakir and Claria, find themselves entangled in a similar situation with the sons and daughters of Kallendian nobility.

Through the years, Prince Rionann has unraveled the mystery of Vannessa's noble heritage. He had intended to tell her, but time caught up with him. Instead, after the Prince's funeral, it falls to Sir Darken Creech, Rionann's closest adviser, to do it. Vannessa finds herself the heiress to a vast fortune and the enmity of the Count of Wenden, startlingly revealed as her half-brother.

Through their own efforts, the Count and Countess of Wayenor survive the perils of the Court in Fathron City and gratefully return to their home where warfare, when it comes, is open and clean.

Unfolding events lead to a crushing climax, bringing to a close the thrilling saga of Wayenor, its Count and Countess, and their children.

Wayenor’s Children concludes The Wayenor Saga begun in The Countess of Wayenor and continued in Wayenor Besieged.