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Falcon Magic

Fantasy Novel set in Andre Norton's Witch World

Published in On Wings of Magic (Witch World: The Turning, Book 3), edited by Andre Norton
(US Hardcover, Tor Books, January 1994)
(US Paperback, Tor Books, January 1995)
(US e-Book, Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy, August 2014

On Wings Of Magic (Witch World: The Turning, Book 3) contains an introduction by Andre Norton, the novel We, the Women by Patricia Matthews, and the novel Falcon Magic by Sasha Miller.

While the Falconer women of Eastcarp endure personal betrayal to rebuild their lives after the havoc of the Turning, six young girls--a new generation of witches--escape imprisonment in an Alizon stronghold.

Roland Green in Booklist: Patricia Matthews and Sasha Miller, who have worked with Norton before, here have, under her guidance, produced the latest addition to Norton's vast and splendid Witch World. Both of the stories--"We, the Women" by Matthews and "Falcon Magic" by Miller--that make up this volume are laid in Estcarp after the chaos and destruction of the Turning. The first tells of some Falconer women who, after their homes are destroyed, must build new lives. The other tells of six young women, the potential witches of the next generation, abducted by the Alizons and treated as experimental animals. Both stories are well crafted and mesh with Norton's own creations, although this book is no place to start one's exploration of the Witch World. It does, however, merit a place in any Norton collection."

Falcon Magic is available only in the anthology On Wings of Magic edited by Andre Norton. On Wings of Magic is available in a Kindle e-Book edition from Amazon. The hardcover and paperback editions are currently out of print.