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The Countess of Wayenor

Fantasy Novel

Book One of The Wayenor Saga

(US e-Book, FoxAcre Press, April 2014)
(US Paperback, FoxAcre Press, September 2014)

The Principality of Kallendia has, at last, begun experiencing regrowth after decades of neglect by Prince Rionann's father. The great border castles that once formed the primary defense of the land are slowly being taken back and rid of the bandits and brigands who have turned these structures into virtually unassailable shelters for their depredations of the countryside—activities the castles had been designed to guard against.

Now Prince Rionann is judiciously examining the qualifications and feats of a few of his more promising soldiers and awarding these warriors a chance to win back a castle and with it, entrance into Kallendia's new nobility with the title of Count or Countess. This is part of the Prince's new policy, strictly enforced, of total equality between the sexes.

One of these chosen warriors is Vannessa, once a homeless, starving waif roaming the streets of Fathron City until she had been found and fostered by the wizard Carral. She grew to be an outstanding soldier and leader, and has been given the far northeastern county and castle of Wayenor if she can wrest it from the grip of Black Myer, the bandit who currently occupies the site.

Battles, betrayals, blood-feuds, staunch friendships, unexpected bitter enmities, the unfolding of a richly realized and detailed land where the drama of the lives of Vannessa and her close companions plays out to a breathtaking climax, makes the opening of the Wayenor Saga an engrossing, satisfying read.

The Countess of Wayenor begins The Wayenor Saga continued in Wayenor Besieged and Wayenor’s Children.